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Quarter Word Clock

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Take It Easy.

This slow moving "take it easy" clock gives you no more than an indication of time. Instead of flipping every minute, this flip clock only updates every fifteen minutes so you can never be 100 percent sure what the exact time is. If you're not worried about being late for a meeting, and don't mind unknowingly leaving work a few minutes early, this is the clock for you. 






Wall Mountable.

The Quarter Word Clock can be left on the desk or hung up on the wall and runs on two C batteirs that provides power for more then 6 months.







Control & Let Go.

Perfect for those who are not ruled by the clock.


Clocks are full of all sorts of numbers, which does the job perfectly fine. Except that it’s pretty boring to always read time the same old way. Instead of just glancing at numbers, you can read the words. The display panels flip every 15 minutes, keeping time at a leisurely pace most agreeable to those who feel the benefits of punctuality are specious, at best. Each passing quarter-hour is accompanied by a pleasant, ambient clattering that underscores the analog flip clock's mechanical operation. This flip clock states things like “quarter to three” and “three o’ clock”. It will flip through all of those words to give you the proper time. The flip clock requires as little tabletop space as a box of tissues or it can be hung on a wall.



  • Takes two C batteries (not included).
  • Size: 8 1/4" W x 8 1/4" H x 4 1/4" D. (2 1/4 lbs.)
  • Material: pvc + metal + plastic

Please note: This clock tells time in 15 minute intervals.



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